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This course is developed for professionals who wants to mature in the skill of any VoIP network and how to build and maintain these systems. We provide insight to technical managers, business consultants, communications professionals, software engineers, system engineers, network professionals, marketing and sales professionals through VoIP Training in South Africa. The PBX training course in south africa

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Why We Are Recommended

Our VoIP Training course focuses on all aspects of VoIP including: technologies, protocols, architecture, design, platforms, performance, QoS and security. Asterisk Training South Africa courses? Our training is hands on and you get to build your own working IP PBX System with the help of our specialised skilled trainers. The Asterisk PBX VoIP Training enables you to plan, architect, design, engineer, test, verify and validate, integrate, manage, and administer voice and data communication applications.

What We Do

We as a training campus ensure that our trainers are always qualified and on par with the latest technology to make sure you leave our premises with confidence. The trainees come from various experiences but we enable them with a unique skill that makes them marketable and even to start their own business.

Why Choose Us

We are aiming to become SA's choice for a Voice Over IP Asterisk Training South Africa courses? Our training is hands on and you get to build your own working IP PBX System with the help of our specialised skilled trainers. The VOIP training courses are adaptable and course offerings are always current. Our trainers ensures that the classes run in manner that everbody walks out knowledgable. VoIP Training South Africa & Courses

Our Training Courses

VoIP Training Course Outline

Day 1

  • Telephony/VoIP Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Asterisk
  • Asterisk Architecture
  • Dimensioning Hardware for Asterisk
  • Fundamentals Part1: Basic Linux Commands
  • Fundamentals Part2: Variables, Pattern Matching, Functions, Context, Includes, Macros & Voicemail
  • QoS Considerations in VoIP Network Design
  • VoIP OAM&P and deployment
  • VoIP Implementations
  • Basics of TCP/IP

VoIP Training Course Outline

Day 2

  • Fundamentals Part4: SIP Trunking & Extensions
  • Lab2: Dial plan, SIP Extensions & Trunking – Create SIP Extensions On Your Server & SIP Trunking
  • Fundamentals Part5: IAX (Inter-Asterisk Exchange Protocol)
  • Lab3: Configure IAX Peer
  • Lab4: Building Automated Attendant (IVR), Voicemail, Pattern Matching, Context
  • Fundamentals Part6: Asterisk Call Queues
  • Lab5: Configure an Asterisk Call Queue

VoIP Training Course Outline

Day 3

  • Fundamentals Part7: Asterisk Conferencing
  • Lab6: Conferencing with Asterisk
  • Fundamentals Part8: Asterisk Features
  • Lab7: Using Asterisk’s features.conf
  • Fundamentals Part9: Asterisk Realtime
  • Lab8: Asterisk Realtime
  • Fundamentals Part10: Dialplan & Database Integration
  • Lab9: Call forwarding using func_odbc

VoIP Training Course Outline

Day 4

  • Fundamentals Part11: CDR & CEL
  • Lab10: Configure CDR& CEL
  • Fundamentals Part12: Call Recording & Monitoring
  • Lab11: Configure Call Recording & Monitoring
  • Fundamentals Part13: Asterisk Internal Database (AstDB)
  • Fundamentals Part14: Asterisk Gateway Interface
  • Fundamentals Part15: Asterisk Manager Interface
  • Fundamentals Part16: Rest API
  • Fundamentals Part 17: Asterisk Security Considerations

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